Fernspählehrkompanie 200, FSLK 200

General Information on FSLK 200

FSLK 200 Years Active

1962 to present

FSLK Badge




FSLK 200 Troopers in training

FSLK 200 Troopers in training


German Army


Special Surveillance and Reconnaissance.
Asymmetric warfare.
Forward Air Control.

Unit Size

Approximately 220 troops.

Part of

Special Operations Division.

Garrison or Headquarters

Pfullendorf, Baden-Württemberg.


FSLK 200


The Eye of the Army. Latin: Oculus Exercitus.





Well Known Engagements of the FSLK 200

Aftermath of the Balkan Wars 1995-1999 (Including operations to search and arrest war criminals).
Kosovo War.
Afghanistan War.
Congolese Civil War.


Major Christian Simmelbauer.

Notable Commanders

Colonel David Stirling.
Lieutenant-Colonel Paddy Mayne.
Brigadier Mike Calvert.
Major-General Anthony Deane-Drummond.
General Peter de la Billière.
General Michael Rose.
Lieutenant-General Cedric Delves.


The special actions of this unit include:

  • direct tactical support of German Special Forces.
  • educating units in tactics in stationary positions, mobility, day and night.
  • intelligence gathering and surveillance.

The Fernspählehrkompanie Pfullendorf is organized as follows:

  • Company management.
  • 4 Fernspähzüge.
  • 1 Fernspähspezialzug.
  • Two medical teams.
  • 1 Feldnachrichtenzug.
  • A maintenance group.
  • 1 Supply Group.

The Fernspählehrkompanie 200 (FSLK200), translated roughly means; Special Surveillance and Reconnaissance Instruction Company 200. The FSLK 200 is an elite special unit of the German Army. The word Fernspäher  comes from the German ‘fern’ and ‘spaher’ roughly transtaling into scouting over long distances meaning they are recon soldiers who go to great distances to gather intelligence.

Weapons of the FSLK 200

The main weapons used by the FSLK 200 are HK MP5 SMG, Heckler & Koch G36 Assault Rifle, the HK G8 machine gun, the G22/G24 Sniper Rifle, HK P12-pistol and the Bundeswehr’s GPMG Rheinmetall MG3.

There have been false rumours spread of the FSLK200 being deactivated which can be traced back to a misleading Wiki edit.

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